The Can’ Leandro family winery produces authentic wines made with native varieties on the verge of disappearing. Wines that vindicate: the identity of the territory, the characteristics of the grape variety, and the personality of the winemakers.
A tribute to popular tradition, to family, to native varieties, and to the farmers who have maintained them over time. The key lies in respecting the land, all its elements, and the grapes that grow there and nowhere else.
With our designs for La Lloma red wine and La Vella white wine, we sought to reflect the eternal dichotomy between good and bad. Based on local Valencian legends, we find opposing yet complementary energies embodied in clean black and white labels that convey light and mystery, elegance and equality. Two opposing concepts—innocence and sin—that bring us closer to the bon vivant philosophy of life.

Year: 2019
Client: Can' Leandro
Sector: Wineries
Direction: Democràcia®
Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Design: Javier Tortosa
Copy: Pablo Llobell,Marta Tortosa 
Skills: packaging, label, clipart