The catalogue design for Diabla, the new brand by Gandía Blasco, aims to reflect the brand image, a more colourful and daring option that its older siblings.
Diabla is a new way of doing things, as proven by its blister, a plastic you have to break to see the catalogue. This is what the new brand does: breaks with convention, risking with colours, shapes and textures. This philosophy is shown in the layout and use of colour on each page, because Diabla is an attitude.

Year: 2019
Client: Diabla, Gandia-Blasco
Sector: Outdoor furniture
Direction: Democràcia®
Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Design: Migue Martí, Chavo Roldán, Javier Tortosa
Copy: Tachy Mora
Skills: Editorial design, catalogue, art direction, layout design