Mundo gráfico unites the best of both worlds. 
For this reason, we start the design mixing planet Earth, Moon, Mart and the letter ‘g’, merging and synthesizing these elements to develop the isotype. This brand, like the printing press, is totally versatile. It hasn't main and secondary version because it works differently depending on the support for infinite possibilities. As the brand's main resource, we cut the isotype as a window to show you a new world, the graphic world.

Consulting, design and programming for a web-to-print for Mundo Gráfico, digital printer. 
To design and program this web-to-print, we had to conduct a thorough market study and offer advice for creating the different sections of the website. A site created while keeping in mind it had to be intuitive, facilitating the user shopping experience and resolving any needs that may arise. A cutting-edge digital printer, a window into the graphic world of Mundo Gráfico.

Year: 2020
Client: Mundo gráfico
Sector: Cosmetic
Direction: Democràcia®
Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Design: Javier Tortosa
Frontend + Backend: Cloud studio
Copy: Equipo Mundo gráfico, Pablo Llobell
Skills: Identity, logo design, stationery, corporate elements, packaging