Flexible Identity for the Valencian Film Archive of the Valencian Institute of Culture (Valencian Government)
Reviving pop, punk, and counterculture. Advocating for socializing and sharing cinema.
In the style of a Fanzine and as a form of revival, the Filmoteca's identity has been created with the assistance of the Exposure® typography by Federico Parra Barrios and edited by 205TF.
Based on the play of light, the brand is presented with a variable identity.
Inspired by self-publishing, for editorial use and publications, the brand employs a simple structure. The treatment of images complements the content, adding identity to the refined aesthetic. The use of leftover printer papers in random colors adds originality and spontaneity.

Year: 2023

Client: IVC. Generalitat Valenciana

Sector: Cultura, cine

Direction: democràcia®

Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Creative direction: Marta Tortosa

Design: Javier Tortosa, Josep Lozano

Skills: poster, identuty, fanzine, flyer, graphic campaign, branding, storytelling