Lilly, the new collection by Diabla, is a series of modular chairs with a very graphic aesthetic. The surfaces are not rigid; they are soft and pleasant.
Lilly is simple and brutal in its forms. Materials and colours that add a language we like and also fit perfectly with the DNA of Diabla. The tubular structure and name are a tribute to Bauhaus designer Lilly Reich. She, like so many other women, has been forgotten by history and it’s time to stand up for these figures, giving them the prominence they deserve. Hence the name of the collection, devised to pierce through that paradigm and endure over time.

Year: 2021
Client: Diabla, Gandia-Blasco
Sector: outdoor furniture
Direction: Democràcia®
Design: Javier Tortosa, Migue Martí
Skills: furniture, outdoor furniture, armchair, lounge chair, bauhaus, rationalism