The campaign commissioned by Orri Running Committee and AGR aims to promote Orri variety mandarins, for consumers to recognise this variety as a prestigious product, and to position it on the citrus market as premium.

We recovered and updated the aesthetics of orange and mandarin posters and advertisements typical of the 1920s and ‘30s, an era of agricultural industrialisation when the advertising sector was in its initial development stage. We used these elements to launch the product with a fashion editorial design, creating a figure to embody the Orri variety.

Year: 2021-2023
Client: Orri Running Committe
Agency: AGR Food Marketing
Sector: Citrus
Direction: Democràcia®
Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Photo direction: Javi Díez
Design: Javier Tortosa
Copy: Pablo Llobell, Marta Tortosa
Skills: Campaign, art direction, photography, advertising media