Podenco brand was designed by democràcia® for a Spanish freelance motion director, specialized in mixed media driven projects, called Antoni Sendra.

In this way, the brand concept and storytelling is inspired by our own expression ‘punk meets design’.

The union between the stridency of punk and the most balanced part of the design. A perfectly ordered chaos.

The brand design is based on a variable logo and identity supported by an Agrandir® font typeface by PangramPangram®. The combination of black and white has strategically been designed not to interfere with the author's designs.

The composition with its bold typeface version are combined with fine lines of different shapes, textures and styles. Using words to describe Podenco's graphic style, we have taken a complete experience of the brand.

Year: 2021
Client: Antoni Sendra
Sector: Motion graphics. Audiovisual
Direction: Democràcia®
Design: Javier Tortosa
Skills: motion, mixed media, glitch, collage, digital art, direction