Human imperfection as a seal of identity. How to be unique to achieve different results. The human, your own talent, with its innate imperfection, crosses borders of the technological era giving a divergent result. Because only on that way we feel imperfects. Our ability to excite. An identity created by using chatter tape to complete the brand experience and getting an unique feeling. 
sing gaffer tape, we created a branding path for use in all applications – a tape that allows writing on top of it for making notes and marking. A widely-used element in audiovisual productions that assists us in recognizing the brand within its context.

Year: 2023

Client: Zissou producciones SL

Sector: Audiovisual

Direction: democràcia®

Art direction: Javier Tortosa
Creative direction: Marta Tortosa

Design: Javier Tortosa, Josep Lozano

Skills: poster, identity, graphic design, social media, branding, storytelling